today is a bright and sunny day, the breeze is alright for the day, though i have some grumbles with that blazing sun above.

despite a fine weather bestowed today[ought to be lucky that it didnt rained a single bit :3], it sorta contradicts to what im feeling today…>_>

finished my Jap oral, and boy, i can say im kinda disappointed to what i have scored[how in hell i know? cause that teacher didnt even have the intention to hide her scribbling of scoresheet away from us!] I aimed for a perfect score, i guess my over-self confidence and impromptu nervousness hindered me from doing so bah.

but since i was the 2nd person to take the oral test, i left pretty early from the oral room[which is actually the same place where our weekly jap lessons were] and hung around the oral room area, while gloating to Pinky the fact that im so lucky my surname starts with a ‘C’ . XD
Pinky is quite an okay guy WHEN he’s on good mood, the rest, i guess na-jie know better than me.
after me was a very genki girl, her name is Honey[surprised? that name was in her IC even!] and went to kak jiao the nervous wreck Pinky who have a problem differentiating “ashita” & “asate” [which meant tomorrow and the day after tomorrow respectively]

she then fiddled with the then switched on Pinky’s laptop, and went to play a prank to our class chairman by saying how much “Pinky” loves him[cause she’s was using his msn account]

that;s why i dun like yaoi genre for a reason, i simply cannot take it.
although, it;s kinda funny, Honey-san was told several times not to make a din outside the oral room by the teacher[since we are just right outside the room? XD] and yet we 2 just couldnt stop laughing. LOL

and i told Pinky that he can now stand the same line with Terry. He muttered vulgarities right after i said that. Poor Terry….sigh. =x

ps: awww….appears to me i haven been writing texts and texts of my useless rants without the usage of pictures! here’s a Kana to ease u guys’ eyes. XD *point above*

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