Nostaglic moments

somehow, i was laughing at the lengthy heritage of mine on this blog.

it’s as if i just turned back the time and went back to what was me 2 years ago.

Im so glad i din delete my backlogs, i guess it’s very silly of me to do that.

Cause i was reminded on who i was again.

the past me was a really naive person *cough* again i hear people hissing behind me, but meh.

although 2 years has passed, but the memories yet remained.

I would like to thank my friends, you have not been forgotten. I may never have the chance to meet or even speak to you guys ever again, but deep down my heart, you have a place within me.

the unpleasant past haunts me all the same, however i need to have the courage to walk it out and break through my old self.

and to the new friends, thank you once again for accepting my existence. Life indeed had been wonderful with u guys around. I lay my 3-years worth of future with you all. Even if one day im alone, the wonderful moments shared together will also be etched in my mind.

Thank you.

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