STAC’s EOY cosplay event @ 15th Dec 2007 – part 1

din really take much during the actual event…for…im kinda embrassed to stop down a cosplayer and just take with my shady 2 mega pixels camera-phone. thus i just take whenever there’s a crowd hovering around. LOL


actually, i do really think that the $12 entrance is a big ripoff!

but the mehz, it was quite an…err..enjoyable event…after all. LOL

shall allow the pictures to do the talking!

well…transformers’ cosplay! first time seeing this…well…i…erm..kinda interesting to put it…cause when the way they “transformed” back is hilarious….but still a good effort done! XD

ZOMG!!! CLARE COSPLAYER!! > A < [her eyes are really gorgeous 0_0]

here’s a better one from sgcafe…..gah~ kinda good cosplay though!

when roaming around the place, i was shocked when someone suddenly shouted my name, but im pretty sure not much people knew me…and it turned out to be….

SHOCKU DA!!! it’s actually Honey from my jap class…LOL. i din even knew she cosplays la. XD and lol, i was dragged to take a picture with her…but meh…i strictly refused…>_> din really want my face to be roaming around the internet somewhere…when i dun even cosplay la. DONT FIT.

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