c’mon! Here’s some fanservice!

As the title reads, so i just put down the laughing man logo and write a decent piece of crap…i mean..post :3

i sorta liked my new haircut. Thanks rac for accompanying me! i guess u have a great fun with your memory card on my phone, havent you?

thought i shall put my EOY’s impressions at a later date. kinda on a “i want to post a random post!” feeling.

holidays kicked started on me a couple of days ago, other than slogging my guts out for such an ungodly of today…it’s like TEH MEH!

i shall tell you why.

Thursday, was well…a public holiday[did anyone had a good Hari Raya then?] AND THERE’S NOT MUCH PEOPLE AROUND?! Me and my colleague was jesting that we have a easy day since we have additional money to earn since it’s the public holiday. It’s when a fine weather like today….the customers kept streaming in for the entire hour.

Meh. Not that i never experienced before…but it kinda kills me from running to and fro from the kitchen and back to my work area.


Since the new year[im so anticipating 2008 for the Olympics!] is coming…simple resolutions for the year for me are as below:

1] Obviously, Studies. Need to continue and strive on!

2] You guys might be a little surprised…but i suddenly have the urge to buy a skirt.[watching too much bishoujou/moe animes, i guess @__@] probably, with the right time, u might be able to see me in a skirt. LOL~

3]of course, something is missing if skirt[mini skirt XD] doesnt have the right zettai ryouiki(absolute territory) so yea, if u see me in a skirt, chances are, i might be having my zettai ryouiki. That’s provided if i dun possess thunder thighs @_@ oh the horror! >_>

4] Know my family members more. so that we can fully certify to be a daikazoku! [big family!] :3

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