So how did ya spent your lovely Christmas?

i for one, dont really celebrate this festival….but meh, this year happened to be THE WORST chritmas spent…EVER.

Didn’t went down for the countdown since i had to work the next day. So, i spent the time crapping with rac while completing Mop Girl[>_> dun really liked the ending, and lol, it’s just only 10 episodes…USO DAAAAAAAAAA!] I kinda liked the female lead, especially she started to make comical noises when she returned back to time…and the time when she had to dress up as a loli[not lolipop, mind you] so to please a lolicon writer…hell yea…that’s totally WINRAR.

there, simple and peaceful way of starting christmas’ eve.

as for christmas, i spent most of the day working…and today’s japanese tourists are rather interesting, very joyful…makes serving them very fun :3

and yea, i feel kinda elated when one customer actually thanked me and also mentioned my name…got that some sense of achievement. XD

i also taught Justin how to order a red wine through Japanese. she just want to ji-siao Merlin. totally fun day.

i went back with a much more exhausted soul as well as a sweaty body. gah, it’s so hot and stuffy out of the sudden…>_>

So how did u peeps spent this joyous season? i hope not as mundane as i did 😡

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