Have I even tried in the first place?

been pondering for awhile now, but just what is the significance of life means to you?

17 years of life i had been through, academic questions aside, but this is one question that struck me.

Just what do i live for?

Just like Haruhi, i started to realise im just a tiny shard of the whole world population, a tiny existence that is smaller than a air particle physically.

I also began to realise, I play a minor role to everything since the fact that no one actually needs me. Thus, to things i say, probably fails to get into people’s ears or probably shrug it off like some irritant fly pestering around.

To things i do, nothing shines. I’m just any average Joe…or probably worst off.

Im depressed, am agonized, am frustrated.

but so what?

everything just sound way off fake to me. I need someone to convince me, that im still alive, not like a robot living on this hypocrite society which repeats the same life patterns everyday.

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