2008 is here before you knew it!


couple of hours more( 2 hours 11 min to be exact) and 2008 is here. 2007 is a quite a challenging year for me especially after studying in a new environment : polytechnic, which of course, it’s way different from what i had experienced in my secondary school and best of all, more time to slack. LOL

Here’s a summary of what 2007 really is for me :

  • got my current job, all thanks to that(i hate to admit to it but…well.) wrathie, im grateful about that and it’s all managed to happen when i saw him for the first time, going to the cy bazzar at their old location together with hikaru and ali-chan. Speaking of timing.
    Cause of that encounter, that very day also turns out to be the first time i ever set afoot to the legendary store that every local animeblogger seems to be blogging about, kknm.
  • Thanks to the current job, it’s a source that is able to tolerate my hefty manga and anime merchandise expenses, though somehow it went just went “poof” before i knew it. wonder where did the money gone. :3
  • the most peaceful birthday spent ever. (that’s because my beloved buddies celebrated for me the day before) Ps: do wish none of my poly classmates gets wind of my birthday date, can only meant disaster…probably…i think too much. =/ just in case u dont know, my birthday falls on the feb 31…crave that date into your brain right now!
  • Switched to a new education environment : poly. The current class really screams full of unity (*cough*if some certain people isnt in as well. but meh, that’s what the comm skills module is for! *cough cough cough*)
  • knew wonderful(*coughemocough*) people like Brenda and Lina. mwahaha, must be feeling touched right? XDDD
  • further confirmed the fact that i totally hate ego-ists to the core, especially those hailing from China.
  • First encounter with Kisa onee-chan. so glad that she’s willing to patch up with her nii-sama :3
  • Went to EOY for the first time. will remind myself to bring a better camera next year.
  • Mythbusters are love!~ > w <
  • degraded from full-time hikikomori to part-time hikikomori (means lesser time to watch animes from seasons to seasons D:)

i think that’s all the events my brain can recall for the year of 2007. Compared to 2006, this proves to be a better year than before (that’s because my sec school…..*coughsuckscough*)

so till then, let’s welcome the new year with open arms and look forward into the future!

新年快乐! 今年也请各位多多指教!~

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