first day of schooling in the brand new year

today passed by real quickly, and before i knew it, I just finished my lunch(GREAT thanks to poh tee. tee hee~ a lesson to learn : expect the unexpected) and made my way home.

that’s actually java and dcn going on, however…being the lazy me(>_<) i sorta skipped and went straight home, wanting to ask my dear imouto how’s the first day of secondary school had been for her.

who knows?

there’s not even half a soul at home to tell me that.


i found Dino Crsis lying around and figured out that it wouldnt hurts to just play while waiting for my youngest sister to come back to tell me about her adventure.
Yet halfway through the game, there’s a code needed in the game and being the lazy me(again, lol) i went to check up the internet for the walkthrough(yum, spoilers!~)

and that’s when……agony came.

my modem wasnt able to receive DSL signals. WTH

and with the strong wind from the fan blowing on my face, i found myself asleep at the couch not long after. Once i snapped out of my sleepiness, the internet was good to go!

and after i happily got the code and continue playing….just as i was about to save the game, it suddenly went that it wasnt able to detect any memory card. It was until not long till i realised….IT NEEDS A PS1 MEMORY CARD.

Orz..which means the 10 solid minutes spent playing was a total waste of my time. =/


i switched back to RE4 and continue playing with the Resident Evil 4 mercenaries..and whoots, Hunk’s neck breaker is teh love!

a swift turn of the neck does the trick >__o

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