a great knock at the head which wakes me up

as usual, i was scanning and reading websites off animeblogger antenna and something just aroused my attention.

it wasnt any normal anime screencap bashing on this particular anime sucks or what-so-ever, neither was it any random anime musing.

Or rather, this particular blogger had went further onto starting his next chapter of his life.

People come and go, people changes, people grows from one period of time or another.

This is just an undeniable fact, what u know from this particular person might not stand the same when u met him/her years later, isnt it?

Have i really changed? I ask myself. And yet i too also am shocked i cant really figured the answer.

Have i achieved my goals? I asked myself again. The answer was never a yes.

Looking back, i realised what i had done really isnt remarkable at all. Which is important, because i wish to make an impact before i die. No matter how small that impact will be, like any normal person, i wish to be remembered.

Thus, this already means 17 years(18 soon ;_;) of life had been wasted.

365 days x 13 years + 366 x 4 years is the number of days i had already wasted.

To be frank, i never remember any stage of my life i should feel proud of.

Life is short, thus i strive on making myself feel proud.

Even a short span of glory will do. There’s an urgent need to change.

I shall name this project “the zero project”(yes yes, yell me for being that uncreative.)

When i had changed, the zero will turns itself into one.

And at that point of time, i should have already found the me that i lost over the years.

It’s gonna be tough, however, that’s only because i have strive real hard for it to make it possible for me to remember who i really was.

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