Thought i just take a tiny little break to blog

isnt this kawaii? O A O

Just got a feeling that my japanese is improving…but meh, there’s no way in singapore(for me) can i use this language to improve it any further. =/ nah, cant use it in my work area either, the japanese phases that im learning recently are way too casual to even greet customers(aside from the daily greetings, duh)

Anyways, the reason being of that is because im currently hooked on to playing the ps2 renai game i just bought recently. I bought 2 actually, but the Pia Carrot 3(meidos in meidos cafe is teh delicious :d) just somehow is way too chim for me to play…so im struck with another renai stimulation instead, which i cant really remember the name DX

must be because i have been watching too much school life related(School Days, anyone? XD) that i can somehow understand their dialog bah. hur hur.


with that aside, tomorrow seems to be yet another day i guess. Let’s see, code review[my dearest nightmare first day in the morning] Comm skills presentation as well as VB debugging an application or somewhere around the lines and of course when there’s the bad times, there’s bound to have good times. I guess i will be heading down to Orchard tomorrow with da jie. Too bad im not so much into Korean stuffs, otherwise would have headed with her to the K-wave or something >_>

To the reader whom have been reading this whole chunk of crap and still reading, bless me that i have a good day tomorrow, will you?

i thank you for your act of kindness ; w ;

now now, allow me to crush my brain cells into making a java timer successfully while i curse and swear like nobody’s business.


Just kidding. XD

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