the ending words kinda intrigues me, thought i just typed it out :

弱小,可怕, 丑陋, 还不如死掉的人。

gahh, who doesnt desire postma-..i mean, moe postwoman like her?

learnt a new phase and it’s called Shigofumi which literally means the last words from a dead person.

seems kinda impossible, isnt it? Since the old saying goes “Dead Man Never Talks”.

anyways, the anime(Shigofumi) gives quite a deep impact based on its first episode. I kinda spoiled myself for the ending, but it still turns as a shock to me when the female lead takes on a yandere mode and stabs the guy who believed her right from the start. (ahh~ when the power of love takes a critical turn)

Imagine that happening in reality. It might have happened before, just that i had never heard of it yet.

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