funny encounter

being woken up by the usual yelling going-on about the toilet renovation(i think) from downstairs. It just too fantastic to be woken up by the uproar despite the guy was shouting at the first floor.
As it was always a good thing to start thing..i mean morning off with a bang, this unpleasant uproar woken me up from a wonderful dream(i think, cant remember. XD) and being me, i was being lulled to slumber land as soon the ruckus slowly ceased.

and after few minutes of sleep, was being dragged out of bed as my dad was calling us up for breakfast(note: he said that in 11am, do realise the irony that we are having our brunch at around 3pm. Upon the reason why is that so, it’s a mystery. =/)

alright, i kid. That’s mainly because me and my sisters are glued to tv as one of our past favorite local drama was on then. It lasted 2 solid hours and being a very draggy family(LOL), i also managed to catch half an hour of my another hot favourite documentary : Dirty Jobs. bwahaa. Guess it’s no wonder we ate our brunch that late huh?

alright, to stick back to the title of today’s post, me and my sisters were wandering around the market near our house, i caught eye of a poster about buying in working and spoilt hand phones. sounds pretty normal isnt it? well well, see the picture to find out.

Bad Chinese or just a pun to impress? You decide.
Disclaimer : do note that posting this picture is in no means of advertising, thus the contact particulars are mosaic-ed.

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