Phoenix Wright 4th Installment with Apollo Justice

It’s just that with things like these, just makes me yearn for a DS

GAH, Phoenix Wright is gonna have their 4th installation starting with a greenhorn attorney, Apollo Justice, who will be defending the ace attorney, Phoenix Wright, himself.

this game is screaming full of “GRAB ME! WHILE STOCKS LAST!” kinda feeling. Apart from owning a DS(although da jie lent me hers, but afterall, that’s hers mah…not too good if i were to use it for a very long time, but in anyways, that’s besides the point), it’s just proves how games can be highly intellectual. just play the mock trial to see what i meant. IT’S TOTAL FUN~


meh, as if.

ps: i realised most of my favourite games revolves around Capcom somehow, Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 3, to state a few and now this. hahas, as what the Shinigami Ryuk from Death Note would say: omoshiro~(believe it or not, this phase when in kanji looked like this : 面白) isnt it interesting? [/intended pun. LOL]

kinda freaked out when the seiyuu pronounced the word omoshiro and 面白 comes out on the dialog screen when i was playing Tokimeki Memorial 3, i thought i heard the wrong phase. =x

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