YATTA~ At long last, i got confessed!

….this was the results i got after i got down to play my dust-filled PS2 and played Tokimeki Memorial 3 and finish Yuuko-chan’s arc.

3 years time span in the game literally translates to 2 weeks of playing for me, unless you’re telling me your a hardcore player D:

First time having a successful time playing for my very first renai sitmulation game. AND LOL THE NEXT WILL BE AN OTOME GAME, should i get lucky. xd yum yum.

and lol, no kiss scene. LOL. anyways, i did feel something(not some ero thoughts oh!~) when i was being “confessed”. After all, that’s my very first time hearing such a confession(gawd, Yuuko-chan kept delaying saying the main point until the very end)

i still got Pia Carrot 3 left to play, GAH. the imouto-kei character is uber kaii! ME WANT. but i somehow failed in doing so. orz

gotta try again next time round, i guess. Dear holidays, come closer please!

ps: I might be learning driving during my 2 months of long break :3 my parents has apparently given me the green light to do so. x3 happy nano desu!

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