and by that i meant 2 things :


2) ZOMG. i finally completed playing Kingdom Hearts I. Ansem is a pain in the neck. x_x;

i dun really know bout the grades though, but it’s kinda evident that the marker(not that shatan, whoops =x) is kinda impressed, and that made us happy.XD

even i were to get a C for this, im more than happy. very happy! *dances around in the room*

but today’s a rather short day, cause soon after presentation everyone split ways according to their schedules, while the still-happy me went straight back home for i myself doesnt really have pro grammes lined up for me for the day. hoho

had a pathetic lunch and slacked at couch to catch some taiwan debating programme, kinda interesting if u were to ask me, they are talking about the lives of air stewardess of several airports. And they all agree with a conclusion that *certain race* are totally a pain in the neck. AND YES, i agree with all of them. *certain race* are totally annoying. that’s because of my experience speaking while working, totally understand how they feel. T___T;;;

they were also talking about times when interesting experiences with famous celebrities boarding the plane or even those political characters, it’s kinda lol and sad to hear that some celebrities just keeps their heads high just because they are famous. guess that;s human nature, isnt it? haiz.

though the show is entertaining enough to keep me continue watching, but my hands itches for some rpg game. was a little tired of shooting/turning/blasting people’s heads off in RE4, and thought i just continue playing Kingdom Hearts, just for the hope that i can finish that irritating Ansem off.

And i didnt know that hope just came true so easily. Ultimately, my Sora was lvl 55 and i figured that it will be better if he reaches lvl 60, so i decided to butter him up(lol) in the Hercules’ area(cant recall the name, that name is rather mouthful.LOL).

i started off playing the Hades Cup, it’s kinda interesting. I started off with the 20th round and that i need to fight all the way to the 10th round which is a boss round. and i thought that is the easiest way to fight Leon and Cloud. and so i started playing, killing my way to the 10th round, and killed the next second when the 10th round barely started.

im in despair, and i tried again, the second time was even faster, a couple of whacks from Cloud and my Sora moaned. sigh.

and when i returned to the menupage, i accidentally pressed on the 50th round, and now, i have to kill 40 rounds so as to fight with Leon and Cloud. GAH, was a little sian that my hands does not listened to your mind at the wrong times. D:

and interesting enough, i won Leon and Cloud this time. is liek, LOL? !

but i lost to that gay Hades character soon after i beaten Leon and Cloud, so meh =/

and with that, my Sora became lvl 60. killing those enemies just seems like swapping a fly. XD

and in the midst of playing i have a slight interval(ah hour to be exact) for watching MythBusters, and again, mythbusters never failed to awe me. >3

combustion, combustion and more…combustion~ gah, i love explosion(eh, no im no terrorist)

after that was more action-packed KH. LOL and it’s pretty ironic the more i think on how to avoid more damages done to my Sora, the higher chances i get a NICE BOAT scene. So much for being told to be strategic while i actually anyhow whack the bosses like they deserved to =/

and that;s how i won Ansem too. Im such a noob, i know. XD

and the thoughts of playing KH I?


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