3 days of not using the internet

yum, Mia looked hawt when she took over Maya’s appearance in the game

oh well, that’s actually because i have been working these few days, thus i cant even touch my com at all.

as some might know, our most iconic animal, Ah Meng the orang utan has passed away due to old age.

i was a little shocked to hear that when i first saw the email hanged outside the office’s notice board though. Together with my colleagues, we went to see Ah Meng for the last time yesterday.

who knows? the body of Ah Meng is still at the animal hospital and what we did see is just the statue of Ah Meng herself and beside it was a poster saying about what Ah Meng had contributed when she was alive. and lol, the zoo keepers are going to name the next newly born orang utan as Ah Meng Junior – so as to further continue Ah Meng’s popularity.

the head zoo keeper was around when we went to the place where Ah Meng is gonna be buried today, he said something like “So, next time dont wait for the person to be dead then see him, when he’s alive, do what you’re ought to do before it’s too late”

it went on something like that.The zoo keeper is rather nice

and btw, i was wanting to attend Ah Meng’s “funeral”. but thanks to cny and my parents’ superstitions, im banned to go attend the funeral. boo hoo.

and oh, i think i kinda exhausted myself too much over the 2 days, cause i had found myself nodding off whenever im on the bed playing the DS. and oh. i finally bought Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All DS game. When my sister think that im totally am crazy buying the game despite not owning the console(it’s da jie de ^^;;) im kinda got glued on the game and now that despite the exhaust spells does work on here and now, other than that, im struck playing the game.

Yelling “Hold it!” and “Objection!” through the mic is awesome fun XD

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