hypocrisy is my next persona, whenever i met people that i totally detest(mostly with reasons, but whether it’s childish or not. gah. im biased!~) i just put on my ever-smiling mask and face that person, and hopefully that person will just vanish in front of my face and never appear again. ever.

but life being life, it’s impossible(now, dont give me crap that even in the word impossible contains i m possible, may work at other times but this time, this doesnt apply in this scenario) to NOT meet people that you detest, isnt it? They fly around you like a pestering fly that wouldnt just go away even how hard u managed to wave your hand to chase them off your sight.

and i had now got to deal with this “fragile” guy who is like getting on my nerves every time he communicates to me. I dont know how you guys see me but once you are down at my “hatred quarter” unless the fault lies in me and that i have maligned you wrongly, if not i will never ever talk to you or rather, even want to talk to you.

but luckily enough, i dont really have that many people that i detest seeing. Maybe i dont really have a lot friends, or it’s just because my friends are all good bunch of people.

if you want to prove me wrong then jolly well head down to my hatred quarter, i dun mind being a bad person you know, now get off my back already.

just in case one is interested with the “fragile” guy im referring to(actually, i doubt anyone would) that guy is now in the US of A. that’s all i can say, those who know who im referring to, an advice to you is dont be online when he is.


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