sketches and more!

mi-minai de, hazukashii! (stop looking at me, it’s embarrassing!)

alright, im not focusing on my exams and im just kept drawing and playing of Phoenix Wright.

aha. is this what they call the sudden anime-drive…or drawing-drive to be exact, well i get them whenever exams time approaches.

AR. i know it;s bad, dont bother talking me out of it, pretty please? ; w ;

and oh, im having a red wine feast(somehow) thanks to my dad’s friend. People does have strange fetishes eh? for my dad’s friend has a fetish of collecting empty bottles, thus the reason as to why im enjoying red wine while typing and thats’s one point of time, being able to drink my favourite drink, plum wine(umeshu, they called it) :3 yum desu!

anyways, i was saying im back to the drawing board. This time round, i came up with a theme, valentine’s day. i have to say im a n00b in drawing, so yea ^^;;

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