What was i up to yesterday

something i drew for na-jie as a birthday present, which is like….meh.

Ate breakfast with my dad, now this is a rare case cause i hardly had the chance to talk to him much in weekday morning. ^^;;

and then when i came back, i spent some time playing RE4, and rawr, the game tends to “hang” whenever it comes to loading of data, was a little sad ; w ; and then back to moar Phoenix Wright-ing haaa~

doze off in the middle of the game(i duno, im really very tired. im getting old already, really. orz)

and oh, not forgetting meeting up with nee-sama and her friend.

funny thing is that i actually lost the way to Far East. *cough* i only know how to go from mrt to kino, but for the rest….im..well…duno…how to get there. ^^;;

got my birthday present from her(kawaii Miku-chan~) and another drawing using color pencils. heh, am happy desu~

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