One day hiatus

haha, was with my class for a class chalet and i had zero contact with the internet and the likes.

And the results?

Slight internet withdrawal symptoms surfaced but was subsided cause of moar Apollo Justice and Taiko drums, to top things up, thanks to da jie owning 2 DS-es, we are able to to versus up with one another and it was total fun. Noob Terry was pwning Noob dorobo-san despite that was his first time playing Taiko. It was total hilarious and i couldnt helped it but to throw sarcasm at Noob dorobo-san cause she was supposed to fare better at someone who played the first time. Guess it all lies with the word “talent”, i think.

Anyways, class chalet….what can i say? it’s definitely better than the first chalet being that this time round, the premises is much more bigger and more of our classmates(almost all) attended this class chalet since the more the merrier, the more fun we have. And it really did :3

but one thing does sucks though, the cleaning of the aftermath caused mess. It was total diaster, although im kinda guilty for not helping out much(thinking back, i dont really think i can help out much =/) but washing the living room and dinning room with Styrofoam box’s cover(the only mop was too wet to clear up the mess) was kinda living hell,imo.

and i only get to sleep for 4 hours, the luckiest one i can say. For the rest, proclaiming aloud they just slept for an hour or probably none, it’s pretty obvious. I think i did have a good sleep despite a mere 4 hour rest, cause i was total energetic to welcome the next morning when i was also at the same time, being welcomed by the sight of serveral living “pandas” watching tv in the living room.

so there, pretty much sums up for the yesterday’s event. now, im back to my cozy bedroom and i can now sleep in perfect peace~

but before that, i think i do need a dosage of True Tears now. one day out of the internet just feels like a million years had passed. =/

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