ara ara, is this the Pinky St Higurashi set? it’s gore in a cute sense. oh wait…what?
in Japan, this is called “Dakimura”, as for what it does…it’s actually a big target board for captains whereby they used this board to train their missiles -shooting technique. Really.
Yoko, a DO WANT. but meh, i think my mum’s gonna kill me if i buy this Dx

alright, im having some desire to own some figurines right now. i had a poor collection on my hand of Max Factory Haruhi, Nendroid Saber as well as SR series Souseiseki.

Wonderfest is really a cool festival, google that up should lead you some good aniblog who did coverage on this fabulous event, one of the best would be dannychoo.com where i usually spent my free time reading his posts as well as otaku.fm. i pretty much lurk there but hardly comment onto anything as..hmm…i dun really know on what to comment on. lol

picture is taken from there as well….the watermarks says it all. LOL

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