lol. was trying to mimic Konata(thanks to nee-sama’s heads up), an female otaku when she was singing at her best(or rather cute) in the karaoke room.

Ever wonder how does a closet otaku reacts when he/she is in the karaoke room? For me, im confirmed a mic-hogger…haha. The desire to hog the microphone just comes up to me rapidly whenever im in a karaoke room and blasting away, entertaining the shocked ones with my sometimes-in-tune performance. I cant believe i cant even sing one single jap song now, it’s pretty tragic, at least i used to be able to sing Glamorous Days and Endless Story. =/

gah, memory loss never fails me whenever to times i never need those. Kinda sad to see that kbox actually had very old jap song like One Day One Dream…but not Atashi to warutsu, but meh, not that i can complain or anything. >D

oh yes, Happy Leap Year. Will watch The Leap Years movie on this special day as well.

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