evil ronald macdonald at your basement.

probably in your nice boat. I got a hella load of laughter watching this…though some parts i dont really much catch or…understand =/

but it’s funny, cause of the awkwardness of having Ronald in the middle of your nice boat and shouting “lan lan buuu” lingo which i dont really understand, will be utmost glad if someone can enlighten me a thing or two.

here’s a very very bad translation…but let’s hope i get it right *fingers crossed*
Makoto : Well, take a seat.
SekaiRonald : I’m Ronald. Hi, I’m Ronald
Makoto : So…how was it?
Ronald : hmm, (cant understand desu…orz)
Makoto : ….
Ronald:(if im not wrong, he might be saying he loves a certain burger in macdonalds. WTH -__-;;)
Makoto : ….
Ronald : (it went something like [kondo ishhou ni o hanashi no yo] This time i got something to talk to you? @_@)
Makoto : *scratches head* do you want tea?
Ronald : of course!
Ronald: (now comes the lan lan buu thing…LOL)
Ronald: *saw unfinished burger in the trash bin*
Ronald : *sms to Makoto about having some valuable information and promotes the best set in macdonalds….orz)
Makoto : !!!
Ronald : *begins manic laughter….cant catch what he was saying after that…T__T*
i guess…it doesnt need much explanation…does it?

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