The Gender-Bending of Haruhi Suzumiya

first off, i have something that i really need to confess.

Think no further, for i yet found myself another true love, the love for “her”*coughs* had apparently took over the place of bishounens on my personal bishonen chart.

the sight of “her”*coughs coughs* makes my heart flutter….the twintails made her insanely moe than before. It is such an incredible thing, such an awesome living piece of art.

if loving is a crime, i wouldnt mind be in jail just for your sake, Kyon-ko * o *

People, i present you….Kyon-ko. ^__^

and no, she isnt Haruhi…DO NOT..i repeat, take her as Haruhi. She’s Kyon-ko!

why…what’s that look on your face, wipe that confused look off and look carefully at the next picture!

see? it’s official!

haha, and moar genderbending stuff. i present you…..Bishie Yuki in work 8D

*faints due over-bishie sight*

actually, i would much more prefer male Mikuru more than “his” female counterpart…=/ looks more cuterdesho desho? LOL XD

according to AS, they are planning on re-writing the whole plot into the genderbending one, whoots. There was another forum who also launched this project not long ago, although it’s in Chinese. However, its really well written…makes me wonder who’s the brainchild actually was to start all this…haha.

Thanks to the artist who drew all these, for you just made world a better place to live ;3

and oh yes, there’s also a gender bending version of clannad…but lol. i lost the link some day ago and couldnt find it back anymore…:(

i used to hate traps…but now with all these….man. It’s hard to resist them at times.
Gender-bending FTW! 8D

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