Sky of Love

seems to me, after marathon-ing days of lovely complex, it’s kinda hard to swallow another similar content and melancholy-like of Bokura ga ita. I love the way how the characters are portrayed…and yet, the interest to continue watching as compared to lovely complex just isnt there.

it’s hard to mix laughter and sadness together, guess i shall watch that the other day bah.

Anyways, will be catching Sky of Love tomo- i mean later in the afternoon. My sister who catched the sneaks told me it’s very touching…i wonder if that means i would be bawling in tears later on…nonetheless, the male lead has a very attractive of white hair(best phase being able to conjured since is in the middle of a dead night -_-) and im watching mainly because of him. haha, it’s kinda of a shallow way of judging a movie…but meh. haha

糟了, 看完Lovely Complex后,想谈场恋爱的感觉一直怂恿着我。
我觉得自己还蛮像个非洲大象,撇开身型不说,然而是指它们的性格和我很相像。 该如何说起呢。。。



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