I urge anyone who havent watch Sky of Love to give it a try! Hiro is teh love!

random title, suits a best time to crap around.

okay, not that i duno im crapping all these while and i….*squats and draw circles at ground*

Na-jie just went back to her hometown just today, and i only realised that minutes before her flight as she just sms-ed about her flight. No wonder i was wondering why was she staying that late online yesterday, i guess she is taking her time to pack bah. I also tried asking her when is her flight time but all she told me is that it’s a secret. Sometimes, i just find that being close friends, there’s still a time whereby in fear of causing trouble to another person, they rather keep inside themselves rather than speaking out….which is more like things i do. Not that things that i intended to hide are of any significance value anyways. haha.

wishing her bon voyage and have fun in her hometown, i do know she’s having a tough time, but then again, I duno what i can really helped her but at least hope everything would be fine for her during her visit of her hometown. ^_^

*does caramell dansen dance*
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