I’m just found myself dumbfounded

kids nowadays…just. argh.

okay okay, please do not make up the fact that im dividing myself away from labelling myself a kid since im always a kid at heart and that well, im still 18 and that im still on the 10-ish age catergory which makes me a kid as well. XD

I believe I’m not that a person whereby having a very foul mood the first thing i woke up, but being forcefully woken up by some nonsense crap is another part of the story. Not even my sister will do such a stupid thing and furthermore in the bright morning!

just which part of “deng yi xia”(as in wait a while) do you not understand? If you are a non-chinese, then dun freaking talk in Chinese and do some nonsense early in the morning. I see no way saying “deng yi xia” means you can jolly well hang up the phone.

The first time you did that, okay, maybe you got the wrong idea. Yet you called again, and you pull the same stunt. AND YOU CALLED THE THIRD TIME.

oh. so oh~! sweet revenge time is here.

You like being a clown? I give you that.

Then i used up some Japanese(gibberish of course, who can think well when you are forcefully awaken, but apparently the other party also wouldnt know..so HAHAHA.) and the other part of the phone apparently got stunned at her feet. THEN CALLED THE FORTH TIME. HAHA

NICE ONE YO, the moment i heard your voice, i hung up the phone.

After that, no prank calls after that, as expected.

Please, i believe using a 1/16th part of your brain wouldnt hurts, but dont you think prank calls are just downright nonsense?

OH, maybe you want to wake up my sister and give her some morning call, but havent you heard of a noble invention namely called the handphone? I’m sure even idiots know of this invention. And oh, probably you’re worst than that, cause you called the house phone not once! but 4 times! WHOA.

i see i see, and you know something? Yes, it’s a good thing to wake up early, but i believe i have the freedom to sleep to wee hours and it’s considered none of your business, isnt it? ^^

Get a life already, do some voluntary work or something, that should keep you focused and oh, probably enhance your intelligence.

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