something is bugging me….

tomorrow i’m going to watch Evangelion 1.0 : You are (not) alone with poh tee, unexpectedly, da jie. oh wells, who knows? maybe that’s gonna be her first milestone in watching japan animation, we never know. :3

anyways, went to work today. i tried to appear different today, as in i tried to greet anyone a good morning and that which i really did. Taking out the first step always needs a great deal amount of courage, you know?

before i get to work, I just keep telling myself to “fight-to!” so as to get myself motivated in my work, and i even analysed the probability of today’s schledue where i might work – 2/3 into tandoor, 0.5/3 into JA, 0.5/3 in FF, now you know what weird things im brewing in my mind, haha.

i’m a really sadist person, when that certain person got told off by the supervisor, i was just beside her wiping the cups and all. She was then mumbling something under her breadth, and i conjured that she is grumbling, and in my sadistic mind, i was thinking “wahahaha, now it’s time you got scolded bah? hahahaha” orz. probably you will never understand why i feel this way, but it’s okay 🙂

and as i waited for “that” very moment as in knowing where am i working for the day, i was half-acknowledging that im destined to go to tandoor today, just as i was going, i took a peek at the schedule, to my very surprise….my name wasnt there at the tandoor list.

You never knew the utmost joy circulating around my body, i was just a bit there to make a jump or something and i happily went to the where im supposed to work. It’s this kind of moment that suppress anything, even winning 4D included, but before i went deeper, think i have to stop this and move to another before i have a group of you thinking that u have a lunatic friend…haha

after i was done with the normal procedures, the stall is ready for the first customer to take their breakfast for the day. not before long, i was told to swap to FF instead. it’s totally fine, as long im far away from that hellish place, im fine.

Today’s crowd seems to be denser than before, probably the never-seems-ending rain. =/ which indicates more time to slack ^^; and before the time which i thought was really snail slow, start to accelerate and what do you know? it’s knock-off time!

before that, i had a “feast” at the back of the restaurant, and the whole group of colleagues were having the “feast” together, we were then talking(or rather, they were the ones doing the talking) about various stuff ranges from current happenings and past expreiences, which then bought up the topic of the impression they have when they first stepped into work. I hardly talk at work, and when it comes to this kind of group discussion, i was as if I’m a mute, i duno, just that i dont really have much to talk about. Anyways, suddenly my colleague spoke on my behalf and said “AR, i remember what’s the first impression i had for Jasmine, she’s always crying during lunch breaks!”

haha. half true but not really, i swear i broke down once! just once! T_Tlll
and then i realised, a year before, i was just that weak, as frail as a piece of thin glass. I used to cry upon any single setbacks that i encountered, no matter how tiny that setback could be. I’m just a coward, the timid self which i hardly let anyone to see. Now upon seeing the past self, i couldnt help but to laugh, it’s just as if i really grew(if i could use this word) up just a little. probably cause im already 18. xp

now? hell yeah, u bet i will cry, but maybe not so often as before and maybe not on any single setback now, i rather laugh over with it and spend time doing stuff i like. Worth my time, worth my life doing it.

Tobuzou(Fly now) , because I believe you can do it.
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