Rain, mega big downpour

*stares at ex-choir mates* doesnt this song sounds a ring?
i have no idea what’s causing the recent BIG downpour, and not only it’s a very huge downpour, it drizzled down my excitement to watch Evangelion 1.0 : You are (not) Alone. Just seeing and feeling the cold humidity of the rain is enough to turn me off in doing anything.

so decided to stay at home watching Trick 2 with my sister while the other 2 sisters of mine already had went for their one day trip camp, which indicates they wont be at home today. My sister must have been thrilled, since the computer can be hers for the day.

As long you’re laying on the bed watching a show, drowsiness is bound to hit you somehow. Thus i ended up giving up the resistance of not sleeping, and fell asleep.

listening Hirai Ken’s songs during rainy days is kinda cool. hur hur.

which reminds me i have to somehow get my dirty hands on Orange Range’s recent album. *grins*

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