am getting the glitters

May i attain Fuko’s magical powers someday. LOL for being overly random.

and another 2 days, and it’s gonna be the results day!

half confident and well, half not that I’m getting good results. HOWEVER, i got a feeling i might break my poor record of 2.6 compared to last semester. 😀

was working under banquet yesterday and it’s such a hellish experience. Drunk adults almost everywhere, totally..urgh.

And thus, im dead tired, not that im in a good mood at all. =/

been working for the past 3 days, i want my hikikomori pass back!

OH SHI- i thought i just graduated from being a hikikomori?!

Thought of going to karaoke whenever i feel upset or stressed, haha. I just want to sing my troubles out, but meh. not that everyone is free currently. orz.

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