Moar Pocky = Moar Yui Aragaki

I dont really feel that tired after a nice shower, and thus, i decided today to delicate a double post. Not that it’s of any news. Hah

been having a strong urge for Pocky recently, no credits to the LOLWUT pocky commercials which will be embedded below later. Asides from those weird…i think it was the “pocky” dance*glup* dances steps, you will find Yui Aragaki.

Probably her name might sound very foreign to you guys, but YUI ARAGAKI IS SO CUTE~ this conculsion was set the first time I saw her acting in the movie Sky of Love(though the male lead still teh love, but that’s besides the point) She has very charming set of smile, probably enough watts generated by her teeth and that it might blind you. lol.

I was just randomly watching some videos until i found these pocky commercials, they are really so funny.

just a little trivial though, but Pocky had been so popular in and out of Japan that it had been decided that November 11 would be a Pocky Day.(as in the pocky sticks illustrated to number ‘1’ ) as for what are you gonna do on that day….erm…well…eat more Pocky? haha. Enjoy the video clips below and get a good laugh after that bah. haha

She just really looked like an anime shoujo, in 3D!
The Pocky Dance…@__@lllllll
Pocky Day! “For all friends, lovers, family….” erm. what?
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