Spring 2008 – new bout of animes coming~

okay, looks like the kawaii flash is not pretty much functioning, so i guess i would have to make a new banner to fill up the empty space somehow.

ANYWAY, the new seasons of new fresh animes is here pretty soon, was looking real forward to quite a number of them as compare to the previous season.

the most epic scene from the whole of season 1. I JEST.

first up is none other than Code Geass R2, not too sure what does that additional R2 stands for, but moar CC scenes is always good. and lol, Kallen in bunny suit looks a little random, i wonder why too…=/ it’s out on the April 6th. Pretty soon i guess.

Next would be Vampire Knight, gosh. I totally am in love with the manga so the same amount love is also shifted to the anime counterpart. Hope that the anime wont disappoint me. haha , it debuts a day after Code Geass…whoots~

Haruna is teh love~ not because of her eyes, you know….

and not forgetting the long awaited To-Love-Ru. I never have loved excessive dosage of fanservice-related animes, to-love-ru has them…but however, i am staying firm in reading this as Eve is inside the manga(what a unique reason to read a manga huh….)
i do have the feeling i might drop this anime like a hot potato in the lst episode like what i have done when seeing Rosario to pantsu anime…hah

done by Bones, the one which did the fantastic Darker Than Black.

and also Soul Eater as well. I happened to have the chance to read the manga sometime ago. Found that the story wasnt bad and that the anime trailer looked promising too and thus it ended up in my to-watch list. :3

intending to add Kanoko(cutsey animation D:), Wagaya no Oinari-sama(Fox = Love) and Monochrome factor(BISHONEN DA) into my to-watch list. That is, if i have the time to watch these when school starts for me 😀

and yes, how can i ever forget…the second season of xxxHolic as well! XD

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