I kid

okay, i probably am kidding that im off to lala-land. Seems to me the strong urge to blog something(but as to what to blog on, the mind boggles *semi-pun intended*) is resisting my tired self to sleep.

but I’m still freaking tired. orz

a quick glance across otaku.fm’s RSS feeds just now leads me into an incredible(?) discovery.

The opening of Mother’s Cafe in Akihabara.

I’m aware of the news that the Mother Cafe was recruiting women at their thirties and above so as to open a new “motherly” appeal mainly to the otakus(after all, non-otakus can look up for their moms or probably grandma, if they need motherly appeal, on top of that, it’s FREE.)
and now, it’s officially opened.

I was rather speechless on this, but compared to opening a cat’s cafe(which contains more of cats obviously, and oh, dont forget that you can look at cats lurking in the street for FREE too) I wasnt’ as shocked as to the latter.

i cant help but to agree that sometimes things that Japan churns out are really crazy. Yet, some ‘crazy’ stuffs they conjured doesnt necessarily equate to be negative inventions at the same time.
*runs from thousands angry Japanese fleet*

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