I is the poor.

*slaps self*

been eyeing on Figma Saber for an uber long time, and that I came a little too late since the fact that the preorder date is already long over.

but meh, here’s some stuffs that made me in extreme high anticipation, and due to the fact i is the lack of moo-lahs(lol, i is teh love engrish.) I was thus brought down to despair.

satte, let’s begin the reason of my despair, shall we?

just look at the gorgeous frills! O A O

if i wasnt able to purchase a Figma Saber(hauu, but i so wanna buy), I can buy Another Blood(Nitro Plus) from Demonbane. I swear that i had never watch that anime before(maybe one day i would) but the great details of that figurine is a totally must buy. Totally love the frills.
And that, it was showcased in Tokyo Anime Fair ’08 today. dammit, Japanese always got their way!
*runs from thousands angry Japanese fleet*

erm. okay. am back. *coughs*

Anyways, Tokyo Anime Fair ’08 is totally stunning, with the new release of new figurines coming out, me and my wounded wallet weeps at the same time. THERE’S FRICKING TONS OF FIGURINE ME WANTSSSSSSSSSS.

ah, the lack of moolahs had led me in despair.

i saw Eve(from To-Love-Ru, this time, mind you >D) poster and that it probably might suggests that a figurine of her might be in process since Lala has already been done(and it’s real beautiful at that too. *swoons*)

ah, the lack of moolahs led me in despair.

and as for Figmas(evil things that kept tempting me and my wounded wallet x_x), maa…for the month of May, we have the always wonderful Figma Kyonko, probably he might be my first male figurine after all, and that should i have the successful attempt to get Saber-chan, i can then made my Saber a much more GAR figurine by replacing Kyon’s head and….

and yes, the lack of moolahs led me in despair. x(


HATSUNE…HATSU. *stop breathing*

…NE MIKU!!!!!!!! orz.


i is teh lazy, so i is the decide use the pictures from dannychoo instead. :p

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