Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I find it strange as to what can she actually see what’s on her monitor when it’s tilted like that

I’m still uber tired despite after 10 hours plus of sleep. x_x

guess I’m hitting the sack early tonight. I WANT MY SLEEP.

kicked started the day with watching Night Wizard ~The Animation~, the dvd that I got from my cousin who bought them via coughmalaysiacough. The quality wasnt all that bad actually and that i get to watch it in full glory through my big TV, so it was quite an enjoyment to enjoy the series. Surprisingly, the subtitles(I never trust their suspiciously subbed english subtitles anymore) that I chose(in Chinese btw) goes pretty close with the japanese dialogs aside with only one minor mistake. but meh, all in all, it’s kinda cool watching through the TV screen. XD

Then after watching 4 episodes in one go, drowsiness strikes me and I thought I might check some stuffs online before heading to sleep. BAD DECISION! I ended up watching Nodame Cantabile anime instead. orz

ah~ am tired. x_xll

and I wonder where did my youth actually went to? The night is still young and I’m almost on the edge to sleep already.


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