True Tears 13

“我喜欢的是比吕美。” 瞳孔中毫无半分质疑的少年对着少女说着。




“真一郎 相信我能飞,这便成为我的双翼…所以,请你继续相信我。” 少女说着。


“虽然会很痛苦,虽然会有点困难 那是因为我还不能飞,所以现在也只能用走的。” 少女是这样说服自己的,自己一边也开始唱起自己编的歌词,一边在染红的天空下慢行着。

“真一郎的鞋底也有蟑螂~ 手边的锅里有蟑螂~ …”



“真一郎的鞋底也有蟑螂….” 他小声地歌颂着。


汤浅 比吕美!” 眼泪划过他的脸颊,然而他始终唱出来了。


and thus, episode 13 brings the end of the beautiful True tears. Although I get a little confused about what the picture book actually symbolize, tons of people had actually speculated 23470129 versions of what the picture book stand for in the True tears. I read quite a number of versions of them and when each of them sounded equally convincing, so was like…ah wells, might as well accept them all.

but it’s a good story nonetheless, It was fun watching True Tears and I feel a little sour since there will no more True tears or Clannad to tide me over the weekends. Partings are really bitter indeed T__T

but there’s still the new anime seasons to look forward, and it seems that the next season isnt as romance-ful as compared to previous season. Looked more action packed to me. hah.

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