Japanese Karaoke FOUND~

and while it’s not exactly nice that when most of your friends are not into the “anime” hype and that singing japanese songs(anime songs in particular) might probably bore them to death.

-__- i was probably left with the choice of going to the karaoke alone. TEH HORROR.

luckily, it seems it wasnt much of a case, a quick search on the internet for the said place stated that they too also provide a wide range of Chinese and English songs as well!

so friends, are you all up the bandwagon? Although it’s prices are steeper in comparison of Kbox, but i do really want to hop by there some other day. I really do, I always wanted to sing anime songs in a karaoke! More like a wish granted if you were to ask me.

for more information(applies in Singapore only ^^;), click here.

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