Yesterday’s rambles

is it just me, or is that twins make a horror story more scary than it is?

and after all those hype-ness with Resident Evil 4, i found myself yet another love which is no other: Fatal Frame series.

I’m not too sure about you guys, but i happened to be under “NO WAI ME NO WATCH HORROR MOVIE” and yet totally adores horror game category.

erm sorry, but i shall attempt Silent Hill the other time. Call me a wimp if you want 8D.

went out with my 2 other colleagues after work, and when we reached amk, majority of the shops are on the verge of closing and i made a bold suggestion that we should go for Japanese sushi for dinner.

Turned out that they are closing real soon, but me being unable to resist the look of the conveyor belt loaded with sushi screaming full of “EAT ME”, i insisted on eating in this restaurant. The other 2 decided to follow the youngest lead(im the youngest among them, btw). Poor them, for they had to eat within 30 mins and that of all things, they decided to order pipping hot udon which they sorta regretted ordering it after mouthful of the said food. For me, i ordered the salmon sashimi(yum yum~) and not forgetting the fish roe sushi(IM IN DA HEAVEN)

We also ordered a cold sake to boot. This is the first time I’m drinking sake, which turns out that sake is actually rice wine in another sense. The first sip of it reminds me of vodlka(which is a terrible drink, imo) but not as strong though. My colleague actually gave up after one sip and her face was so red when she barely drank 1/5 of the sake.

Then my colleagues they actually had the plans to head to Tokyo for next year. Man, am i tempted to join them in the trip. But being an otaku at heart, saving money isnt my forte and that it’s a long hard process. x_x and while it isnt that late to fulfill my wish that i will go there before i turned 20, probably this shall be the drive, after all, IT’S TOKYO IM TALKING ABOUT.

gah, i want to experience the hanami viewing, imaging spreading the picnic mat and engrossed in the beauty of the sakura flowers. What a sight that could be * 0 *

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