Never before seen way of irritating of people

Have you always feel that it’s downright frustrating that you never irritate those people who always loved to bug you?

Fear not, as you will learn various way on how to counter-attack them after watching the above clip.

i try to translate as it goes along, but should there be mistakes(should have a lot bah) do shoot me down and my tag box is here for you to do so. ^^;

[The First Meeting]
L = lady O=OldMan

L: Nice meeting you, I’m Ohakyo(?) from the Tokyo’s TV
O:Nice meeting you too. I’m Nomiya(i heard that, but my ears might be failing me)
O:*takes a look at name card* So you’re at *certain position(cant translate!)* isnt it?
L:Yes I am, and that this job…..
O: *clenched his fist and moved toward the lady awkwardly*
L:*kept her calm*
O:*continued to show his fist to the lady and drops the crushed name card on the table*

[Get someone to throw it away]
O: OldMan S:guy in sliver suit B:guy in black suit

O:Nice to meet you. I’m Nakatamono *passes name card*
S : Yes, nice meeting you. Am pleased to have your guidance
B: Yes, nice meeting you, am pleased to have your guidance, I’m Nakoto. *flings name card away*
S: This is the plan for the day….

// same thing, just that the black suit joker stares terribly hard at O.

[(duno how to translate! >_<)]
//gah, can only catch “uso, hontou desu ka”(somehow like “Really?”)
B : Senoir(senpai) *adds some dumb unrelated sentence but the 2 of them got stunned by it nonetheless)

[(duno how to translate!)]
S: guy in sliver suit ST:guy with striped tie B:guy in black suit
S: (if im not wrong they are discussing about the new concept they have and was asking the boss for opinions)
Boss: So what do you guys think?
Lady: hmm, It’s rather hard, you see….
B: I ha..
ST: You are not listening well, be patient!(stuff like that)
B: Wel..
ST: You are not listening well, therefore, be patient!
S : *take chances to put in new idea*
Lady also gave her share of idea
Boss agrees.
B : The…
ST: You are not listening well, be patient!
B: But I…
ST: That is why, i was saying…you are not listening well, be patient!
B wants to chip in his share, ST still cuts him off
*repeats cycle*

[Report Time]
B: Boss G:guy
G: Here you go, all reports are all here.
B: Thanks a lot.
B: So how was the report? Was it good?
G: Yes…*continue to read his A material* It feels good, yea..This looked good and so is the other…
B: *stares at guy* Naoza-kun?
G: Yes?

[Photography Time]
G : girl M: man
G: Sorry, but is it okay for you to take a photo of the 2 of us?
M:Sure sure!
G: This is the shutter
M: Oh, this. Okay.
*couple get ready to pose*
*Man whips out his handphone, and clicks on the shutter while answering the phone*
M: So later at 5? Okay, i will wait for you. (LOL)

[Pressing onto the Pencil]
S: Sliver suit guy B : Black Suit guy

S was complaining about B (duno how to translate!)
S: Stop pressing on the pencil!
B: Oh, I’m so sorry *stop doing so for a while*
S: *continues to talks about him*
S: Stop doing that already

[The stress of head going forward and backward]

[Legs up]

[The usage of “then?”]
L : Excuse me, although there’s no mistake about this, but it could be changed for the better.
G: Then?
L: So please change this part of it.
G: Then?
L: So do change this part of it.
G: Then?
L:This is the last time I’m telling you, have been repeating myself for the third time.
G: Then?

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