Anime songs, here i come!

Guess it’s fairly easy to guess which song are we singing, no?

although I went with just one friend of mine, it was kinda of a good experience to be singing our lungs out and was rather high about singing anime songs.

One bad thing was that my friend doesnt really know her Hiragana and Katagana very well and that when singing through the whole song(which means those furigana top of the kanji cant help), all she can do was to mumble through the whole song. Good thing we both managed to enjoy the karaoke session fairly well.

The location of the karaoke itself happened to be very secluded and I’m not too sure whether because I went there on a weekday or something, I swear I thought i just went in an abandoned building as many of the shops were also closed as well, and precisely that’s the case, are we 2 able to see the only shop lightened by those light ray-like bulbs, albeit like those you can find late 60’s disco tucked at a neat corner. Since the name of the shop was not that hard to see, it’s very easy to notice it from far away.(Cash Studio is the name, btw)

The moment we walked in, we were greeted by a very friendly staff and she asked if we 2 know how to sing Japanese songs in Chinese(i believed that this is the main focus of this karaoke, cause i was asked by another crew the same question just that it’s in English ^^;)

I replied yes relatively quickly and not long we are escorted to our karaoke room shortly(the main shop and the karaoke rooms are actually separated and that it’s a little distance to walk from the main shop to the karaoke rooms) After we got settled down, we ordered some drinks(it’s included, btw) and embark our journey to chose our songs to sing.

The interior of the karaoke room.

There are so many songs ranging from jpop, anime to folk tunes and we 2 are simply spoilt for choice, furthermore, it’s kinda hard to chose a song for there’s actually 2 separate controllers for both Chinese and Japanese songs respectively. and yes, they too also provide Chinese songs to sing as well, but it’s not going to be my main focus. haha

The other side of the room.

The procedure to choose a song is rather difficult to adapt at the beginning , for we are supposed to key in the number of the song which will be provided at the side of the song title in a song book, but it got better after several attempts.A part of how the book looked like.

The book itself looked like a dictionary for once, for you can find hiragana tags at the end of the book and that you can search for the songs you want by finding the starting hiragana word of your artiste, for example, if i were want to search to sing Hirano Aya’s songs, I just have to search the “hi” part, and i will get a list of Hirano Aya’s songs(which was hmm, kinda little. but meh, not that I’m complaining)

I remember the first song I had was Kuro Neko’s ED, Namida Boshi. And dont really have a memory for the subsequently songs @_@;; but i sang quite a bit of anime songs, i think, hur hur.

Just a sad thing that most of my friends are not into anime, for it will be more fun to have someone to share a same interest as you do into coming to this karaoke, isnt it?

guu~ ah wells. haha

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