Now, let the blaming game begin

the way each individual thinks and reacts is kinda intriguing.

When you are on the road of learning, it’s only natural that people must be hardworking and have the heart to learn more and bring self up towards their desired level of knowledge. Everyone has the same view on this, yet, not all had done so.

have you ever have an experience whereby people reacts to things that you never imagined they would? And that you dont really understand why he/she had done so? All thanks to stereotypes made up by people, we are prone to react according to those old stereotypes and when people doesnt “act in our way”, I dont really understand part comes kicking in.

For example, I was watching this particular local tv show whereby the media crew start to “salvage” those hawker vendors which are having problems with their operations(i.e no customers, food sucks wants to make it better, etc) and claimed that no conditions are involved and that they are purely to help by not only providing free advertisement of the hawker and probably seems like a channel to allow some stream off these helpless hawkers(talk about their encounter as to why business is bad etc)

ANYWAY. there came a time whereby this pair of husband and wife hawker decides to bite the hand that helped them, and that the husband was complaining that the crew didnt informed them in advance about the sudden 30 people waiting to be served and thus made me him nervous. He pushed the fault to the crew and was pretty mad as he just quarreled with his wife whom scolded him not being much of the help.

The wife actually blame her husband for every failure happened when serving these 30 people which will be the judge, which at the end of the day, the key people as to whether this hawker will succeed in the end.

so who’s actually at fault?

Should someone be blamed for this?

and thus the finger-pointing game begun.

but then again, is there such a need to do so? Shouldnt they be looking into their fault and accept this little failure in order to attain the final success?

Adults had been telling us all of these all the time, and yet it’s evident that they failed to uphold what they told us. Local television shows can simply just proves us that.

ps: silly ranting, was thinking what to write when watching the show….thus all these came out. hah.

and oh, school sucks.

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