Forbidden Kingdom

this is gonna be the shortest review i have ever given[which i dun pretty give much 2 hoots about it.LOL]

anyways, the afterthoughts of Forbidden Kingdom?

Jackie Chan and Jet Li FTW.

Yet, not much storyline, yes, the fighting scenes are epic themselves, impressive i must add. BUT, as fanciful as it is, yet it doesnt has a true plotline, which is quite a trend following on most of the new movies, good effects yet no storyline. What a sad thing. 😦

Kungfu movies ought to be in Chinese throughout! What’s with the Jade Emperor with those english dialouges? What’s with the Monkey King speaking in English? This is what i called the true BLASPHEMY.

last and not least[if i didnt mention this, i ought to be struck by lightining one day] Dx
Thanks to dajie for inviting me for the movie, although it’s not nice to be the brightest bulb of the day, but at the least, im not the only odd one out. heh.

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