Completion of Phoenix Wright : Trial and Tribulations

Objection! This statement contradict with the evidence!

whoots, what a long journey it took it seems. I could still recall me purchasing this happily probably 2 weeks ago, and long enough it took, heh.

Days and days went by marathroing, which includes playing PW during the bus journey to work, having ninja skills to play during class(I jest), possessing 133t skills so that I’m able to play it even on my way home(whereby there’s no road for me to cross when on way home, i take bus home, btw)

and i was feeling sour when Trial and Tribulations ended for me just this afternoon.

for some reason, PW often had quite a sad tale to tell during the last chapter, and that the results usually take a different twist. That’s what I loved about PW, the ability to bring surprises ; You never know what the next route brings.

That’s what the main charming point for mystery genres, which is why I’m pretty much obsessed with.

Now, if i were to get my dirty hands on the first installment of PW, viola.

Whole set of PW GET!

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