Half-completed Maka

im in despair! The inability to draw foldings itself drove me in despair!

grrr, my drawing had actually deteriorated to a point i think my art teacher if supposedly he see this, might strangle me at the spot.

guu~ nonetheless, She’s actually Maka from Soul Eater(Just in case you wasnt able to spot that out orz)

With that said, i supposed the raws should be making its way(Soul Eater 3) soon at your “resources”, hmm~

otanoshimini! (so am i :D)

Kyonko in a daze

ps: I realised im having this habit of doing some stuffs before going to bed(i.e playing DS till my eyes feel heavy and ready to head to lala land or drawing until im tired)
Must have been all these that causing me the lack of sleep, yet without those, I cant even sleep at all. =/
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