If things are all made to go through force, what’s unity for?

I understand your intention, yet being the sly me, I too can see what’s your hidden agenda.

I kinda regret about going in the first place, the first time I went there, we were labeled as a bunch of useless creatures not unless we join this group. I dont understand why would I want to change my group name when I’m pretty fine with it. And when I dont really attend to my group often, but at least I share the same group as my parents. My anger should have long gone, but it just seems someone is just so kind to remind me consistently, thanks man. You totally made my day. Sarcasm intended.

I dont wish to make things ugly, but I really duno how to go about saying this. We knew each other for a long period of time, I dont wish the bond that we once shared and the memories we had flushed down the drain cause of this silly thing.

Oh whatever, probably this might get into them some day, but hey, no hard feelings, alright?
If i do sound like some idiot wanting up for a fight, I would have long done so, so yea, I cant really express my feelings with just mere words, you know.

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