How much does your name cost?

in the midst of having lessons now, since the fact that classes is gonna start minutes away, I figured to post something interesting, something i found kinda interesting while browsing internet during free time XD.

It’s in Japanese though, I would put up the translations of it once i get home(not that anyone cares. )

tsun13さんのお名前の評価は144,000円です。[whoots, my name is worth 1,873.88 SGD! D: No wonder
my dad is so persistent in selling me out =/]

もしtsun13さんが [If i were…]
アイドルになると9,900,000円稼げます [not too sure about the rest, but THIS. It actually
says if I were a idol, I would have 128,884.06 SGD worth of money. hur hur]


was laughing my shoes off at these….hahaha

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