it’s just so GAR.

The Heart may be weak and give in sometimes.
But I know deep down there, there’s a light that never goesout!
-Sora from Kingdom Hearts

It just so unbelievable that the American voice actor remained the same voicing Sora be it KH1 or KH2! The voice had a 180 degree change and it’s like omg, I dont really like the voice of it, the voice kinda lack some ‘ohpm’ and differs miles away as compared to the Sora’s voice in KH1.

I was kinda happy to see Jack Sparrow in action, was kinda jumping on the sofa while playing, haha. ME LOVES JACK SPARROW, OKAY?

lol. and i just spoilt myself and that I know i will be playing as Roxas some time later, whoots~ cant wait to play until that part of the story.

Still, alot of thanks to Wei Long for making my playing with KH2 made possible. I will take good care of it and not let it come to any harm(they are stored in a very safe place actually, away from itchy hands and evil sisters, hur hur)

HURRAY FOR ME COMPLETING PRAC 2 Q2~! (3/4 of it, to say…^^;)

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