something just bothers me

hmm…to me, i think my definition to maintain friendship is that between both parties, there have to be a “common” bridge of communication to keep the relationship ongoing, isnt it?

I always thought that way and that it seems to me, this seems wishful type of thinking is bringing frowns to my friends when i mentioned the above mentioned.

What i meant by common bridge of communication, i meant by having similar conversation topics which is has a huge range as long it is under the sun. For example, it can be interests, hobbies, or even places(as long friends get to communicate within the same medium to allow communication to take place)

I’m not too sure anyone gets my drift. but meh.

Am i tad wrong to say that? I mean…if there’s no common conversation topic, aside those normal formalities like “how are you?”, “how’s school?”, etc, how are you gonna continue the conversation besides staying silent?

For me, i think if these goes on….the relationship will soon fade through time, little by little. That’s why i think it’s very important to grasp onto a common interest, as long it’s still there, at least you know there’s endless of conversation topics to churn out from based on your common interests, isnt it?

Probably my way of thinking is way wrong, but do tell me where I have gone wrong. Would love to know why is that so.

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