hi people, my name is Saber….but looking at me, I think you can also call me Saber-tan as well *winks*

anyways, it seems that Owner is rather busy of lately as such, during this time, i shall replace Owner’s position and try to update her blog the best i could when Owner isnt around.

This time round, it seems that Owner is studying for her worst subject, seeing her on the peril of insanity made my heart ached a little. Here wishing Owner and classmates all the best for the test tomorrow!

Today, Owner bought back a lot of goodies, it’s kinda evident that she loved them all, seeing that she can seen jumpy about and in extreme high spirits. I secretly took all these photo to show you guys what she got (hope she doesnt get mad seeing all these) :

it might not be much of significance despite being just 2 games, but Owner was terribly happy(let me recall, is these what they called….a “fangirl scream”?) I heard Owner was mentioning how great is The World Ends with You, apparently, the main lead resembled a lot to one of Owner’s favourite game character…Kingdom Hearts….if Im not wrong,(Owner will surely be displeased to know that I cant remember her stuffs well)

anyways, Owner too also bought home Persona3 FES game home today as well, she was so hyper and it seems that she enjoy every single bit of the game time(despite being that tomorrow she’s having her test) and I managed to get some sneak pictures of her playing the game.

I think i did heard her screaming “SHUAI GE” when she saw her character leveled up screen appears, oh boy I’m in fear that she might discard me soon enough just for this darned guy ;_;

the said screen.

AH, seems that Owner is on her way back to room, gotta keep this post short, so see yea! ^_^

ps:Owner also have to bag these 2 large packs of manga home, hope I was able to help her though.
; w ;

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