Together with Haruhi

my living room seems dark for some reasons despite the lights are on. Thus , i used the flash function but i dont really like the outcome of this photo though.

“Hurry and take those shots or else your head is gonna roll, Kyon!” grumbled the impatient Haruhi, folding her arms with her back facing me.

“Bu…t..but..” I stumbled, in a loss of words.

“Come on, what’s wrong with….”Haruhi got shocked upon catching sight of me.

“Wrong person huh, whatever, but YOU better have what it takes or else you are so gonna get it, understand?” Taking that shocked face down like some professional mask-changer, Haruhi resumed being irritated and refold her arms again.

Presenting, the melancho- i mean the review of Figma Haruhi.

*tsun tsun*

i duno about you all, but i liked the way this picture turns out.

check out more @ here

okay, probably it’s not really a review to start with, but i really have fun playing around with the figma and that I intend to buy off the whole of figma series should my wallet allows me to do so.

zomg, i do really want a Kyon’s Figma so badly, the Nanoha’s looked equally appealing too….*drools*

and oh, thanks to da jie for lending the camera, although it’s supposedly to be bought to the stadium for the photo shoot and the careless me actually left the memory card struck in my laptop, gah.

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